25 years bringing art close to people



25 years bringing art close to people

Arteko · since 1996

April 9 / August 27 · 2021

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Arteko · since 1996
25 years bringing art close to people

Apr 9 – Aug 27, 2021

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The Arteko Gallery transforms its space into a tunnel of time that takes us from today until 1996, the year of its inauguration. On the tour, we are accompanied by art works that take us back to every era, from the latest art bets of digital art by the hand of Jaime de los Ríos to the first large-format paper works by the Japanese painter Nori Ushijima, going through the visions of San Sebastian in its year of the capital of 2016, or the origins of the sculptor Dora Salazar in one of her first exhibitions in the gallery entitled “Caja de Musica” (Music Box) by 1998.

Arteko Gallery was founded in 1996 with the aim of bringing art closer to the public at a time when the acquisition of art works was still associated with a high purchasing power. To this end, it creates an alternative space of contemporary art that bets on the work on small and medium format paper which allows offering prices to all audiences.

The exhibition Arteko, 25 years bringing art close to people will review over the next few months the trajectory of the gallery through art works of most significant artists who have passed through its place.

Throughout its 25 years of history it has evolved along with the contemporary art panorama combining the representation of emerging Basque artists with those already internationally recognized. It is currently in a transition to digitization. We are in a moment of history in which the boundaries between physical space and virtual space are increasingly blurred. It is important to understand and adapt to this new paradigm that has been brewing for some time and the COVID 19 pandemic has accelerated – says Cristina de la Fuente director of the gallery.

Since its beginning, Arteko has defended the women role in the art world by being a pioneer in this field and organizing several exhibitions that advocate for gender equality in creation. Likewise, it participates in art fairs, collaborates with institutions and makes its own editions being one of its distinctive the collective exhibitions framed in the events that take place in San Sebastian city.

On April 9th, the exhibition Arteko begins, 25 years bringing art to the public, an exhibition that covers a quarter of a century of the gallery’s trajectory through art works from those years that most marked its history. A space is dedicated to each significant year. The current year 2021 will be modified in response to three moments that will occur in San Sebastian city during the next five months: The tribute to Rafa Berrio, Visions of Santa Clara island and Jazzaldia 56.

Arteko, 25 years Bringing Art Close to People it is a look to the past that lays its basis on the gallery history and prepares it to face the new challenges that arise themselves in the contemporary art scene of the 21st century.

Artworks in the exhibition: